Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kansas City router begins journey to LA today

Our faithful T640 in Kanasas City (Qwest) will begin its magical journey to Los Angeles today as Jay and Andrew yank it out. I turned the chassis down last night. For some reason, the data collectors that are polling the Abilene routers have tanked, so that explains the state of the weathermap. I'm assured that it will be fixed soon to reflect the current topology.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Level3 by the numbers

With the Level3 build of the Internet2 network largely completed, they shared some fun stats with us:
  • 13,500 Long Haul route miles
  • Deployed and configured over 300 Infinera Network Elements
  • Day 1 capacity of 100Gbs
  • Built 27 custom Colocation Suites representing 3,365 SQFT of space including:
    • 94 Racks
    • 60 Individual bulk cables with 48 & 96 fiber count
  • Deployed 64 metro fiber route miles
  • Enabled connectivity from Houston-to-El Paso & El Paso-to-Denver for L(3) to Internet2/GRNOC and ESnet NOC access
  • Developed the Virtual Network Operations Center – Provisioning and Troubleshooting Dashboard
  • Product Summary: Wavelengths, HSIP, Private Lines, Metro Fiber, Colocation, Cross-Connects, Power Controllers, and GPS timing
A job well done by Level3!

But now's not the time to rest on our laurels. We still have work to do on the IP network migration and Ciena network turnup. Kansas City turndown this week, and Los Angeles install next week. Does the fun ever stop? :-)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

How sweet it is!

This is the week of good news.

A bit of recap and a few other bits of news:
  • SLC to Seattle OC-192 up across metro fiber
  • Level3 finished the DWS to Los Angeles
  • Albuquerque and Sunnyvale install done, meaning all Ciena-only sites have been deployed
  • the University of Memphis circuit is up and ready for route exchange
  • Kansas City can come out next week
  • LA suite delivered a bit ahead of schedule and will be accepted on Tuesday
The crew in Albuquerque deserve an extra round of applause for working on 3 hours of sleep and handling things so well in one of the most punishing of sites.

early travel logistics problems in Albuquerque

Our engineers in Albuquerque today decided to jump start the fun by scheduling themselves onto a flight that got cancelled. Jay just sent an update that I'll let speak for itself:

"Landed in Denver, which was bumpy but fine. Found that the flight to Albuquerque cancelled due to wind and the next available flight to Albu, 2:46pm Thursday. Time to Albu driving, according to airline [gentleman], was 4.5 hours. So we rent a car. And begin waiting for our bags to be pulled off the plane. 3.5 hours later, we're told that no bags were forthcoming. Awesome. We hit the road, and find that it's more like 6.5 hours. Bad research. Arrive at hotel 4am local.

Okay, so we're here, but our bags aren't, which means we have no boots, and no hard hats. "

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Internet2: From Sea to Shining Sea

Yeah, so Internet2 made my 3 month old daughter cry this afternoon.

More to the point, I made my 3 month old daughter cry when I leapt for joy at seeing the Salt Lake City to Seattle OC-192 come up. I still blame the OC-192.

We've been fighting with this one for the past week or so, getting jumpers run and the appropriate patches in the fiber meet me room at the Westin Building. In the end, all worked out well and Internet2 has SONET connectivity from the burroughs of New York to the shipping yards of Seattle.

I hope to get things configured very shortly to begin passing traffic through the new router in Salt Lake City. Now that it's dual homed, we can start moving folks over.

With that, the last two Ciena-only nodes, and the University of Memphis OC-48 in play this week, it could turn out to be a very nice week for the project.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Denver and Baton Rouge Cienas installed

Our engineers installed the Baton Rouge and Denver Cienas late last week. Had a bit of trouble in Denver with our out of band router being dead on arrival, so I'll get a replacement out this week. Otherwise, things went well.

This week is Albuquerque and Sunnyvale.