Thursday, June 07, 2007

early travel logistics problems in Albuquerque

Our engineers in Albuquerque today decided to jump start the fun by scheduling themselves onto a flight that got cancelled. Jay just sent an update that I'll let speak for itself:

"Landed in Denver, which was bumpy but fine. Found that the flight to Albuquerque cancelled due to wind and the next available flight to Albu, 2:46pm Thursday. Time to Albu driving, according to airline [gentleman], was 4.5 hours. So we rent a car. And begin waiting for our bags to be pulled off the plane. 3.5 hours later, we're told that no bags were forthcoming. Awesome. We hit the road, and find that it's more like 6.5 hours. Bad research. Arrive at hotel 4am local.

Okay, so we're here, but our bags aren't, which means we have no boots, and no hard hats. "