Wednesday, May 09, 2007

DC router removal saga

You may be wondering why I didn't gush over the perfect router removal we had on Monday. That's because it wasn't meant to be. Our engineers' flight to DC got cancelled on Monday morning and they couldn't get rebooked until later in the afternoon. So, they rented a car, put on some tunes and did a Tommy-Boy road trip out to DC. Knowing Jay, there was probably a lot of Rush involved.

Jay and AJ got to the Qwest POP this morning only to find that the empty T640 crate had been "obliterated" in shipping. This is where the driving came in handy. They had a smaller T320 crate that they were able to use for the T640, and the put the rest of the de'commed equipment in their Taurus. Sadly, no more room for Rush.

Unfortunately, the work at Qwest took them pass their badging window at Level3, so they need to stick around another day so they can complete some PC install work early tomorrow morning. Then it's back home to Indiana.

We're attempting to secure another T640 shipping crate from Juniper, but if anyone has one that they've been using as a doghouse or Tornado shelter, drop me a line. I'm off to check Craigslist.