Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Looking better in Atlanta

We're taking another stab at Atlanta this week. We were hoping for a third pair of metro fiber to be delivered in time for the new attempt. When that didn't look promising, we tested out a new pair of optical splitters last Friday and overnighted them to Level3 and SOX. I just got off the phone with both Scott Friedrich (Georgia Tech) and Level3. The new splitters have been inserted and we brought up link to a second 10GigE LR port on the SOX Force10. Here's the next order of events:

  • Tonight, I'll be migrating SOX over to the new router. They've already pre-configured the VLANs on the new port, so it's just a matter of deactivating one config and turning down another.
  • Tomorrow, during the day, I'll work with Qwest to move the abandoned SOX fiber over to the M5 to bring up the GigE LH link to the new router.
  • Tomorrow, during the night, I'll be switching the M5 over to the new fiber, migrating the USF OC-3 down to the M5 and moving the Qwest HSTN-ATLA backbone circuit to the new router.
I'm starting to get superstitious about these sorts of things, so if I could ask everyone in the R/E community to cross their fingers for us, I think we'll be OK. If things don't work, I'm going to blame YOU! :-)