Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Internet2: From Sea to Shining Sea

Yeah, so Internet2 made my 3 month old daughter cry this afternoon.

More to the point, I made my 3 month old daughter cry when I leapt for joy at seeing the Salt Lake City to Seattle OC-192 come up. I still blame the OC-192.

We've been fighting with this one for the past week or so, getting jumpers run and the appropriate patches in the fiber meet me room at the Westin Building. In the end, all worked out well and Internet2 has SONET connectivity from the burroughs of New York to the shipping yards of Seattle.

I hope to get things configured very shortly to begin passing traffic through the new router in Salt Lake City. Now that it's dual homed, we can start moving folks over.

With that, the last two Ciena-only nodes, and the University of Memphis OC-48 in play this week, it could turn out to be a very nice week for the project.