Thursday, May 17, 2007

KANS T640, GPN transition, El Paso, Atlanta

Rest assured, we've been diligently working this week: on not-so-public/exciting/sexy install packets, shipping and documentation. It's all been prep for today, when four major tasks hit.

The Kansas City T640 is fully configured and has backbone links to Atlanta and Chicago. It's been brought into the iBGP mesh and I'm putting the finishing touches on the monitoring/documentation. The Chicago circuit came up yesterday, and the Houston circuit (actually two circuits glued together in Houston in anticipation of the eventual Houston T640 install) was turned up 10 minutes ago.

Second: we nailed down the logistics of the GPN transition to the new network tomorrow. GPN will be moving their router from Qwest to Level3, thus abandoning some dark fiber between the two POPs. Being the opportunistic people that we are, we're both using that fiber to maintain some connectivity into the Qwest POP using the same CWDM splitters we used in Atlanta. The clock starts ticking at 9AM tomorrow on the move. Our side is fairly straightforward, and I'm sending good thoughts toward the local engineers that have to lug the 7600 between POPs.

Third: The El Paso Ciena install is underway. All equipment is on site and I heard good things from the field on the progress made. That should wrap up tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Fourth: The Atlanta T640 was pulled out of the Qwest space and will shortly begin its wonderful journey across the country to Salt Lake City for install next week.

I love it when a plan comes together.