Friday, May 11, 2007

Kansas City Install almost complete

With the exception of a few power runs and a bit of documentation, the Kansas City install is largely complete at the Level3 POP. The T640 arrived yesterday and was powered up. We'll be activating the backbone circuit to Chicago today. The circuit to Atlanta (temporarily bypassing Houston until it gets installed) will have to wait for Monday when we slot the OC-192 I had yanked from New York on Thursday).

We're solidifying the details, but there will be an interconnect between the old Abilene router and the new Internet2 Network router via some University of Nebraska metro fiber. We'll be putting another one of those CWDM optical combiner/separators on the link to share the path with GPN. Not sure on the timing of that yet, but it's starting to look like we'll make that happen next Friday. Once that's complete, we'll drop the Qwest OC-192 between the Abilene Kansas City router and the Internet2 router in Chicago. That frees up some much-needed OC-192 PICs and allows us to move forward in Salt Lake City in two weeks' time.