Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HOPI IP migrated in Los Angeles

We were able to get the HOPI 10GigE interface up in Los Angeles today, across our metro fiber between 600 Wilshire and 818 W. 7th. We tried to get the PAIX 10GigE up to a loop in Sunnyvale, but we're having some metro problems in LA. The signal just ain't getting between the buildings. We have a ticket open to troubleshoot that in the AM. 

LEARN migrated UT Austin behind them on Friday night, so they're now shut down on Houston. That leaves three BGP sessions left on Houston. 

I need to schedule CENIC on LA- the last BGP session on the old Los Angeles router. 

After that, it's just PAIX, NGIX-W and Oregon in Sunnyvale. I'll probably move the NGIX/Ames VLANs this Wednesday, along with PAIX if I can get them up tomorrow. Oregon may be a few more days out than that.