Thursday, July 12, 2007

Denver Abilene router shut down

Denver was one of my favorite routers. Mainly because I love Boulder so much and always got to spend some time out that way. I feel a bit like the delivery doctor and the executioner on this one since I helped install it just under four years ago with Caroline. Debbie Montano stole a few moments away from the Qwest corporate offices to see how things were going. Unfortunately, we gave her a camera and posed for a few photos.

The sad thing is that I have too many pictures of me standing next to network equipment with that same cheesy grin on my face, like I just caught a big bass and am holding it up for the camera. At least Caroline looks like she's putting away some tools or something.

Anyway, Denver hasn't been doing much for anyone lately. All networks were moved off by last week and the backbone links weren't in the path for much of anything. It's been turned down, so our engineers can (gingerly) move it to Houston. We need the Denver power controllers in Houston, so we're going to allow Level3 next week to get them installed for us.

Ah, Past Chris. If Future Chris could tell you anything, I'd probably make sure you know how to lace better. And that you should never look away from your hands to pose for a photograph when you're that close to live DC power. Sigh