Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pacific Wave, CENIC and LEARN and all the rest...

It's been a month or so. Let me see if I can catch everyone up. We've been mainly busying ourselves with getting some fiber patches and circuits lit on the west coast.

I just migrated all of the Pacific Wave Los Angeles peerings over to the new Los Angeles router. Once we got the link up, it was a painless hot-cut.

We did some metro fiber troubleshooting in Los Angeles this evening and the CENIC/HPR connection is up to the new router. We'll need to coordinate a time to swing their peering over to the new circuit.

LEARN a few weeks ago, and the Texas schools are all working on aggregating behind them. Our piece is done.

USF also looks to be up in Atlanta, so we'll probably be able to shut the old M5 down pretty soon.

We're close on Oregon and PAIX. I'm hoping to get all our pieces worked out this week. There are some interfaces being shuffled around in LA to get them from the old router to the new one. Those should be in place by Friday. We very well could have everyone off the old routers by the middle of next week, if things click. Probably more realistic to expect two more weeks, though.