Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pittsburgh and DC installs next week

Next week will see a few installs in Pittsburgh and Washington DC. John Graham and Tom Johnson will be heading to Pittsburgh on Monday morning (well after the Colts have crushed the Bears in the Super Bowl!) to get the Ciena chassis and support equipment installed.

Following Pittsburgh, John and Tom will head to Washington DC to meet up with Andrew Lee, who will assist on the DC install. The Indianapolis T640 that's being pulled this week will arrive Wednesday morning and we should be able to insert it into the current New York to Chicago backbone circuit on Thursday evening. That will allow the migration of the following connectors:
  • NGIX-East
  • MAX
  • OARNET (from Indianapolis)
Ciena will be arriving in DC and Pittsburgh the following week (2/12) to perform the Test and Turnup of the CoreDirector CI at each site. By week's end, we should have the Ciena backbone up between Pittsburgh and New York. Once that's complete, both PSC and Drexel will be able to migrate to the DC router, as soon as they complete their installs into the I2 suite in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, respectively.