Thursday, January 25, 2007

New York Router getting settled in on the 24th floor

It brings me great pleasure to bring you the news that the T640 from the Qwest space on the 14th floor of 32 Avenue of the Americas has made its way up 10 flights of stairs on the backs of Jay Duncan, Andrew Lee and Hans Addleman. The oxygen tanks were empty and the Sherpa made its way back home by the time they reached the "summit".

Seriously, it's been one of the crazier days in my career here at the GRNOC. Not one that I care to repeat, but through the perseverance of some very dedicated people, the router is now sitting next to the Juniper loaner on the 24th floor just waiting to make a nest in the Nysernet space at 8PM EST.

We had a bit of trouble getting the Abilene Washington DC backbone circuit swung up to the 24th floor, but it managed to come up about 10 minutes ago.

Router swap starts in 1 hour and 27 minutes. Stay tuned. We're all heading out to refuel.