Monday, January 22, 2007

HOPI Interface migrated in New York

I migrated the HOPI interface to the new T640 in New York. Took a lot of typing to move around all the MPLS tunnels that were CCC'd across the Chicago and DC HOPI nodes, but I'm pretty sure I got it all.

All that's left on New York is MAGPI. We're aiming to take the old New York router out on Thursday this week. It'll spend about an hour out of the network and take a ride up the freight elevator in 32 Avenue of the Americas to be swapped in place of the current new T640 on the 24th floor. That router is a loaner from Juniper. Rather than leave it in New York, we're going to bring it to Indianapolis where it can help hold things down until a few connectors are ready to migrate off. The timing of the move is somewhat dependent on when we can get the freight elevator operators to work. We'll push it as late as possible.

I'm taking bets on how fast we can swap out the loaner router with the older T640. The power's already there. Turn it down, swap the router out, move interfaces around and replace the config. I'm guessing 20 minutes. :-)