Friday, January 26, 2007

New York swap complete

The T640 router swap on the 24th floor is complete. Most connectivity was restored at 2215 EST, but the juniper syntax for overwriting a configuration threw me for a loop. It really just merged the two configurations.

The Surfnet OC-48 didn't come back up. It's showing RDI path errors, but we've seen that before during extended outages. The configuration looks good from our side.

The MCIT/ENERGI connection is still unreachable. They've been unreachable ever since we moved to the different T640 interface. I had been operating under the impression that it was a MAC-address problem because it's a TCC connect and the engineer setting it up 2 years ago asked me for the MAC address of our switch. I made sure to have the engineers put the OLD MANLAN 10G interface on the T640 end of the interconnect, but it's still down. Will need to troubleshoot more with the carrier in the morning.