Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chicago Infinera ring Day 1

Jay and I completed the Infinera install at 710 North Lakeshore Drive, but we have some config work to do in the morning. There was some confusion over the bulk panel from our racks to the fiber meet-me area and I thought we were getting SC-style connectors. Instead, it's LC. We don't have much call for LC-LC connectors, so we don't normally keep them in stock. Jake Sallee has offered to loan us some of their fibers. We'll either swap them out later, or replenish Jake's stock next week.

Tomorrow we're off to 600 W. Chicago to turn up the Infinera ring. We can light one side during the day. The other side currently carries the new Internet2 network to legacy Abilene "network glue", so we've got a maintenance window to work on that in the evening. I'm also planning to migrate the Starlight and MREN VLANs over to the new Internet2 router so we can yank their PICs from the legacy router for use in DC next week.

There was a slight mishap in the POP involving a pile of squishy pink foam and Jay's glasses. The poor man can't see very well tonight, but we have some electrical tape! :-)