Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Site-by-site update

Things have been moving so quickly this past week that I haven't had much time to sit down and type up an update. Apologies all around and I promise life will get better!

We initially thought we'd get the DWDM ring installed in Chicago this week. The power work was complete last week, but the bulk fiber panel from our rack to the 710 North Lakeshore Fiber Meet Me Area didn't make it in time. The last estimate I have is a week or two, but we're working to get that tightened up. We have the option of doing temporary long jumpers, but in our business, temporary things tend to go undocumented and become a part of the permanent landscape. We'll avoid it as long as we can. It won't be a picnic to not have that up until the end of January, but it won't really push things out too much since one of the connectors won't be ready to move off the old Chicago router until the end of the month. Hopefully we can get that date pulled in.

The suite was accepted and the power installs are on track to complete this Thursday. The MFP is also being installed by Thursday and we expect the MAGPI cross-connect from their metro dark fiber provider to be terminated on that panel on Friday. That leads us to New York....

New York
Once MAGPI is out of New York, we can remove that router from the Qwest floor and move it up to the new space. We'll swap out that Juniper loaner that's been handling some of the new connections already and ship it to Indianapolis to pull its weight for us there.

After a bit of MTU-wrangling, the new NOX R&E peering is fully transitioned over to the new router and they're going to turn down their OC-48 on Thursday.

I talked with Jim Shaffer, who's in New York this week helping with the ESnet install at 32AoA. Things went well with ESnet, apparently. They sound like they've accomplished their install in two days time. Kudos to ESnet and welcome to the new Internet2 suites. I wish I left a doormat for you....

We got back the photos for our remote suite acceptance and found enough issues to reject it for now. There's a call tomorrow with Level3 to go over the bits that we think need addressing and hopefully it'll get taken care of within the next few weeks. We do have Cienas to install, after all

We heard last Friday that Cleveland was actually completed on December 21st. After looking at accepting the suite remotely, we decided it would make more sense to do it in person. We're accepting all the router sites in person. There are two sites (Cleveland and Sunnyvale) that are multi-row Ciena-only sites. It's difficult to check things like inter-row signalling trays and other overhead infrastructure, so we'll be doing those two sites in person. Jay Duncan is enroute and will be on-site tomorrow afternoon to handle install.

It looks like Level3 has located a suite that recently came available to us, so we're going to go out on our own instead of colocate in the NOX suite. A big thanks to Leo Donnely for all his work in entertaining that option.