Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back from the holidays

We're still all recovering a bit from the past few weeks of mismatched work schedules, but people are trickling back into the office and wiping the end-of-the-year sleep out of their eyes.

Today was spent getting people back up to speed. A few highlights.

  • We're awaiting some metrics on the suite in Philadelphia so we can accept it.
  • We were notified that the Pittsburgh suite was completed today
  • Once we get Philly and Pittsburgh accepted, we'll get power and multifunction panels installed within a few days
  • MAGPI is close to being ready in Philadelphia. They need to procure one last jumper from their metro provider to our suite. Hope to get that done in the next week
  • NOX is going to switch over their primary traffic to their new 10G on Thursday and do a 1 week burn-in
  • The new Internet2 NOC website address is ready and a lot of the text has been changed to the new name. (But I won't tell you the address just yet!)
  • Ciena has shipped the Cleveland, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh chassis. We'll install shortly after the DC power is installed by Level3. Ciena is waiting on a new revision of their OS to hand over the devices in Chicago and New York.
  • The HOPI lambda between New York and DC is blocking on re-termination of the bulk cable between the I2 suite and MAX's suite in Washington DC.
  • Jake Sallee tells me that power should be ready at 710 North Lakeshore Dr. in Chicago by tomorrow. That likely means the DWDM metro gear will get installed next week.
There have been a few scenarios floated around to get a router to Washington DC. It's almost certainly going to be the Indianapolis T640, but we need to get the DC router installed before the Atlanta to Chicago Dedicated Wave System (DWS) becomes available. So, we can either move people off Indianapolis ahead of that, or we can put a new router in Indianapolis. The current thought is to get peers off New York within the next few weeks and move that Juniper loaner router to Indianapolis. We should know more in the next day or two whether that's going to be possible.

As Rob Vietzke said this morning, "it's time for the rubber to hit the pavement."