Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The network is up, now let's tear it down!

Now that the network has been up and running for a few days, we're going to tear it down. :-)

As part of the Internet2 Member Meeting Plenary session, I2 CEO Doug Van Houweling and Nysernet CEO Tim Lance participated in an uncompressed HDTV video presentation from the New York POP. The 1.5Gbps HD stream traversed the new network. Steven Wallace took some photographs of the presentation and quickly stitched together a panoramic shot of the event.

Now that the network has run through it's paces, we're going to tear down the OC-192 between New York and Chicago to be utilized for a demonstration of an experimental 100Gbps Infinera chassis between Chicago and New York. The OC-192 will be reframed as a 10GigE and the other 9 10GigEs on the path will be lit between cities.

I'm heading to the POP very shortly to run the jumpers for the Infinera box.

BTW, Welcome Slashdot Readers (TM). :-)