Monday, November 27, 2006

Kansas City and DNS

Tom Johnson was in Kansas City today to walkthrough the suite. Looked good except for a few missing details. We'll have to follow up with Level3 on each of those.

Rob Vietzke's video work in New York went off without the HDTV encoders, so he'll need to return on Thursday. He pulled back some Ethernet cable for the Ciena installers to use and noticed that Verizon had delivered our phone line. Apparently it went to the wrong rack and he didn't have an RJ-11 coupler with him, so we'll get that plugged in on Thursday.

Caren got colo worksheets into Level3 for Raleigh, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis and Atlanta. We're going to be in a bit of a crunch on those.

We figured out the DNS question. Looks like we're going with The new NOC account will be I2 is sub-delegating that zone to us so we can auto-generate our DNS off our database. Luke Fowler is already starting to work that up.

I worked on the temporary NOX circuit over the Level3 transport network between Boston and New York. At the end of the day, we were able to get light on the New York side, but not on the Boston side. Brian Mollo from NOX confirmed at their rack that there's a missing jumper from Level3. We'll try and get that wrapped up tomorrow.

We're having some very odd problems on the HOPI Chicago management racklan. Devices keep disappearing from the network, but only from certain points of view. Like, we can ping a device from IU, but not from the racklan itself. We can ping devices from some racklan devices, but not from others. They're all in the same subnet and the arp tables look good. It's almost like there's some hidden layer2 ghost in the machine. I mention it because our Chicago Abilene interconnection runs through the HOPI Force10- which is currently unmanageable. Andrew and I looked at it this afternoon and can't come up with a reasonable idea where the problem is. We clear the arp table on the switch and some things come back up...sometimes. Sometimes they don't. And they don't come back up from all points in the world either. Some devices just reachable on the racklan, some just reachable from off the racklan. Clear the table again, and the device reachability reverses. VERY strange. Need to look at it in the morning with a clear set of eyes.