Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A gaggle of connections in New York

Matt Zekauskus was gracious enough to provide some remote hands support in New York for us today.He took care of a few housecleaning tasks and installed some hardware and jumpers to support the following new connections:
  • Nysernet - the first connector on the upgraded network
  • NOX - should be up tomorrow on a temporary wave from Level3
  • MANLAN - not production, but ready to be used to transition MANLAN networks shortly
He also fixed the missing default route on the OOB router at 111 8th Avenue, so we have console access at that location.

We still need to do a return trip to get a few items taken care of. The power inverter for the Ciena management servers isn't up ready yet, and all the AC power cables need to be cut to length and re-terminated. There's a whole bunch of documentation that we decided to handle remotely, but there will likely be a few copper cables that will need to be traced by hand.

All in all, things are shaping up nicely and we'll be more than ready to go for the I2 Member meeting on December 4th.