Sunday, November 19, 2006

Infinera OSC data plane

Infinera confirmed that the auxiliary port on the front of the chassis is indeed a routed connection and not a Layer2 passthrough. That explains why I can't ping through to the 111 8th Avenue racklan from the 32 AofA racklan. I'm going to need to re-address the machines in that lan into a distinct subnet. No big deal, but I wish we'd had time to test this before we deployed.

Of course, this would be completely trivial if I hadn't spaced the default route on the console server at 111 8th Ave. Tom was doing the final clean-up work for us when the Level3 techs delivered the 2MB ethernet high-speed IP drop from their commodity network. (We're using those in the router cities as a high-speed backup) He asked me if I wanted a default route toward Level3 and I just wasn't thinking at the time and said "no". Realized after we got back, that it's needed since there's no BGP with L3 over that link. It's on the list of things to fix when we head back. *sigh* It'll take 2 seconds. :-)