Friday, November 10, 2006

Chicago Install Day 3

We ended up going back to the hotel and its high-speed internet connection to pull down the Juniper code. After a bit of lunch, we returned to the POP to finish up our work. Had some issues loading the code with the on-board flash of the T640 route engine being half the size of our other route engine. The router kept complaining about being out of space. Found an extraneous file and deleted it. During troubleshooting, I noticed that the second route engine on the chassis wasn't fully seated. When I inserted it and rebooted, the router came up in a very scary ROMMON or bootstrap mode. After a few hellish minutes where I thought I had somehow hosed the primary RE hard drive by deleting that file, I realized there was probably some reason why that RE had been removed in the first place. When I took it back out, the chassis came up just fine. Got the code loaded and all the FPCs are recognized. Need to get a case open with Juniper on that RE first thing tomorrow morning.

We got all the physical work completed and most of the software config in place. The only piece missing is the metro fiber. Level3's been working hard at this behind the scenes, but we're getting nervous since we have a hard stop at noon tomorrow. I'll be surprised if we can get the interfaces over the metro fiber up before leaving. That may mean a separate trip back if we need to do any serious debugging on the fiber with Level3 remote hands.

BTW, we picked up chairs from Target on our first day. Best purchase ever. We'll definitely be putting those in every POP.

For now, I'm happy that Jay and I both got a few slices of Chicago pizza and have a horizontal bed to sleep in.