Thursday, November 02, 2006

Check your optics

Always keep an eye on your optics. The 9 10G interfaces and SR optics aren't in yet for the observatory interconnect to the HP switch. I wasn't considering that a problem since I was just going to deal with that later with a remote hands ticket. But, there's talk about needing 4x GigEs for a members meeting demo (plans still being worked out).

So, we'll borrow from the 10G LR XENPAK pool we already have in stock. Since the Cienas won't be part of the MM, we can temporarily use it's LR optics on the HP switch. When the SR optics arrive, we'll need to swap that out. Or, if the Ciena interconnect is deemed more important than the Observatory 10G interconnect, we can swap it away earlier. Of course, this all has repercussions on the fiber jumper between racks. In the LR scenario, SMF fiber needs to be used. When we swap in the SR optics, we'll need a MMF jumper.