Monday, October 23, 2006

Fiber tracking and grooming announcement

Writing from the Indy airport on my way to DC. It was a frantic morning trying to get things tied off from Sunday before I left. Got Chad Kotil looking at the old Abilene NGAR transition pages from 2003. He's using a web system called WebGUI that should allow multiple users to edit the pages rather than have me maintain all of them like last time. That'll be important for my pending hiatus around March.

Talked with Ed about fiber panel tracking. He hadn't gotten around to modeling the panels in the db yet. We have four different FDP vendors and models right now, so we need to make sure we keep the numbering system and port reservations clear. I'm working on this on the plane.

Rick Summerhill sent out the official word on the grooming box vendor. It's the Ciena CoreDirector series. We'll be doing a full CoreDirector CD in Chicago (complete rack solution) and the half-rack CoreDirector CI in the other sites. Right now, I'm trying to locate someone in the community that can give us a few days worth of remote access to a lab or non-production CoreDirector. Our monitoring group wants to get a few days to write tools in advance of their deployment.

Got dark fiber assignments from Level3 on the non-Level3 ends of the metro circuits in Chicago and New York. The info is missing the rack numbers, so once I have those, we can get the final patches within the 32 AofA Fiber-Meet-Me-Room (FMMR) in New York and 710 North Lakeshore Drive in Chicago.

Rob's making progress on the NOX temporary wave over Level3's own Infinera network to New York. That's being provided so we can transition the New York router away before the New York-Cleveland route via Buffalo is delivered in early March.

Had some discussion with Jay and Jon-Paul on our warehousing and inventory vendor in Indianapols, Telamon. At issue is the way they bill for received items. When we handle receipt and shipment of equipment, we take all the small items (power cords, optics, cards, fuses, etc.) and throw them into the box for shipment. Telamon charges by the box on the outbound and we didn't set up any stuffing arrangement (it was cost prohibitive). They may be able to do simple stuffing and putting loose items in the outbound box at a low enough price, or we may just go pick all that gear up and ship it out as part of the install kit. Discussions ongoing...

Got 9 new HP GigE SX optics ordered for a second router interconnect to the HP switches at the router nodes. We'll use that when the 10G interface is unavailable (during testing or control plane work)