Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Who says work stops on the weekend. It just means the phone stops ringing!Got a lot of conversations going today.

We need to decide on a circuit naming scheme very shortly so Level3 has it for the temporary waves we're getting to help with the transition. Right now, the thinking is "I2-Acity-Zcity-customer-index. The city names will be the first four or five characters from the city rather than the CLLI code. Much easier to read. Need to figure out how to handle New York, Seattle, and Chicago where we have two locations.

Nathan Lucas put together a one-page draft of the access procedures for customers that are co-locating in the I2 suites. Looks good, though I had a few suggestions. When it's final, I'll post.

Getting the ball rolling on a status webpage. We did one for the Abilene upgrade in 2003 that worked well. Had some good metrics and snapshots of the transition. It's not something we've spent enough time thinking about. We may still end up using the wiki, but the consensus seems to be that the wiki may not be well-suited, given it's lack of structure. Again, we need to think about it some more.

Gotta get the ball rolling on a more detailed discussion about the colocation at 710 North Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. Tim Ward, Caren and I need to sit down and sanity check their understanding of our requests. Hope to get that in before I leave or have it happen without me while I'm gone Tuesday and Wednesday.

We're just starting to tackle the problem of badge access to the Level3 sites. This is somewhat tied up in the discussion about colo access that Nathan's already been working on. The short of it is that we're planning to issue badges to all of our customers, though they expire and there's a limit to how many Level3 sites you can have on your badge. That's more of an internal issue between us ESNET since we're the only ones on the nation-wide footprint. Hopefully we can have some sort of quick database app down the road, but it's way down on the development priority list. Tracking fibers is so much more important!