Sunday, October 22, 2006

Deployment sync

Big meeting via video last Friday with most of the key I2 and IU players. We all have our marching orders. Level3 brought up some changes to the architecture of the management network access, our hook into the Level3 Infinera transport gear. There's a call on Monday to discuss that in more detail.

Level3 is dropping I2 and ESNET DS-3 circuits into Indy and Berkeley for our direct monitoring access. They're private circuits taken back to Atlanta and Denver, respectively. We decided that we can procure metro dark fiber to the Level3 POP in Indy rather than puchase off-net services from Level3 to get to the IU campus. So, that means a DS-3 router in the Level3 POP with a GigE back to campus over some fiber. The challenge there is going to be obtaining the dark fiber and getting the Level3 POP ready in time for the first route delivery on November 17th. The changes Level3 proposed on Friday may also push us out a few weeks past the circuit delivery. If we're a bit late with the management circuit, it won't hurt us, but it would sure be nice to keep those two in step. I'll see how creative we can get on Monday morning.

Gotta get rack elevation diagrams to Nysernet in the AM so their electricians can mount and terminate our Power Distribution Units (PDUs). We use Servertech rackmount DC and AC power controllers for any devices we think we'll need to remotely power cycle. They have ethernet and console connections that can be accessed to remotely manage the power. We typically don't like to have our engineers terminating house power into our controllers. It can be done, but it's riskier (since we don't control the breakers) and the cable tends to be more difficult to work with because it's much thicker. Cutting, lugging, lacing and terminating #2AWG power cables can be a 2-3 hour affair, sometimes.

Looks like we have some tentative travel plans worked out for the install. I'm nervous about New York, trying to find a hotel room near Thanksgiving. Nysernet has told us that it can be nearly impossible. Depending on our weekly status call with them on Tuesday, we can get our tickets ordered.

Right now, the current thinking is:

  • Chicago Install #1 (router, grooming, PCs) - November 6th

  • New York (Infinera metro, router, grooming, PCs) - November 13th

Those in the community will recognize the week of November 13th as Supercomputing 2006 week. I'd love to avoid it, but if we wait, we're looking at Thanksgiving or the week before the Internet2 Members Meeting. Since there's an Infinera turnup in New York, I'd rather have more time than less time since it's new gear for us.

I'm off to Washington D.C. on Monday afternoon for a meeting with the NSF. I'll be walking through the McLean POP and hopefully accepting it. Onward!