Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"The colors are different in Europe..."

Matt is in Chicago doing an I2-related HP switch install. He's still there, but he caught me on IM and relayed his day so far. Apparently the AC power plug was provisioned as a NEMA L5-20P. That's a "lockable" plug that has special notches on the male end of the plug so it can be twisted in the receptacle. This keeps it from falling out, but you can't use a non-lockable plug in the receptacle. Andrew found an Ace Hardware nearby and Matt got the lost L5-20P plug. When he stripped the wire on the HP switch, he found brown, blue and yellow/green wires. Apparently it's a European standard. Once that was figured out, he found the plug and fiber trays to be too high to reach without a step-ladder, which he didn't have. Makes me happy that we caught the fiber tray height problem at the new I2 POP in Chicago.

Apparently others in the POP have lawn chairs in their suites for days like today. That's an excellent idea. We often end up sitting around waiting for technicians to call back, the NOC to get a ticket open or someone to configure a device. Why not do it with a footrest? $10 at Target. I'm sold.