Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lab Infinera installed

Our Infinera gear showed up while most of us were in Broomfield last week. The dock guy was going to kill me if we didn't get it out of the hallway so Andrew, Jake and I racked it up. Looks good, though it don't gots power yet. I'm waiting on some rack extenders and stranded 6AWG cable for the DC power. I'm initially disappointed that the power terminal is on the front of the chassis. Might make it challenging to run power.

Stupid me, forgot that there was a DCU unit in Bloomington. With the grooming loaner coming shortly, there may not be enough room in our hard-won lab rack in the WCC machine room. *sigh* A big props to the campus folks who got the power and fiber runs done for me on short notice. All my nagging paid off!


Hopefully we'll get this bad boy powered up tomorrow. Infinera's coming in next Thursday so we can cable it up. I need to think of names for the boxes. I'm thinking Herman (Bloomington) and Wells (Indy).