Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Infinera lights up...

A busy day today with most of us scattered about doing different things. Both lab Infineras are powered up with ethernet and fibers dropped to both systems. We got a bit gutsy with the heat-shrink, trying to shrink it with a lighter. Once I started working toward the top of the rack, I realized I was right under the smoke detector in our machine room. Normally we have a paint stripper, which does a great job of generating heat. But today, that was in Indy. So, I went home and grabbed my wife's hair dryer. Infinera is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning to begin training at 9AM. We're looking forward to it.

After a bit of back and forth about the out-of-band network and it's design, we finally got a quote for the Cisco 2611 routers we'll use to get asynch access to our racks. Matrix Integration tells me that they'll have them to us by next week. That's really good news since I was looking at the schedule last night and saw that the projected 25 day lead time pushed New York and Chicago out to late November if we wanted OOB at install (which we do). Now we need to get the POTS lines ordered. That is going to be the most likely holdup, but it is what it is.

We have a good line on some ADC fiber panels to use for customer terminations. There's a meeting on Friday with all the I2 and IU folks involved in the transition to do a deep dive into every aspect of the network. I need to provide a ton of documentation. Most of it I already have, it just needs some updating and a few formatting changes to make it more readable.

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were ordered today, though there's some question about whether or not we have enough rack space in Pittsburgh. We may need to bleed into a second rack, which is extremely undesirable.

Rob Vietzke is visiting New York for us tomorrow to do a suite acceptance. I'm going to do DC on Tuesday next week, when I'm in town.