Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New York, POTS and travel

Had a call with the Nysernet folks this morning. Sounds like they're on track for delivery. The racks have been bolted down and about half the overhead infrastructure is finished. They have our DC power controllers, but not our Telect panels. Since they don't have production AC power at the site, we're rack mounting two inverters for our AC-powered equipment. The original thought was to terminate the Marconi-supplied power feed directly into the inverter, but that idea obviously flew out the window when we realized that the inverters don't have any safety breakers on them. So, we're "shimming" a simple breaker-based Telect panel between the BDFB and our inverter. But, of course, they haven't come in yet. "Should be here any day". In the meantime, I'm trying to track down some loaner panels, though that appears to have hit a roadblock. We should still be OK as long as the Telects get here before we do the install November 14th. It may be another visit for the electrician, but at least it will get done. (32AofA is a union building, so we can't touch the house power)

The POTS line miracle was somewhat dulled when we heard AT&T can't provide the DLRs. I'm working with Level3 to find out if they need a formal letter for those, or if we can just get the termination location at the building MPOE and order the cross-connect without something on AT&T letterhead. I knew this would be a stumbling block. Tom Johnson is all over this right now.

Got our travel plans worked out for Chicago and New York. It's set in stone now, baby. There's no turning back!