Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday loose ends...

Got some loose ends tied up today:

Jay found some 23" rack ears from our power controller vendor. We overlooked the 19" controller in the 23" Infinera racks in Chicago and New York. As a backup, we could have used some 1RU extenders that we have in stock, but it would have been kludgy.

The multifunction panel we're ordering from Level3 in Chicago will be installed in time. This enables us to terminate our fiber to the Looking Glass metro fiber that we're going to "shim" the router into. (see my previous posting)

We got our badge requests and travel arranged for the Chicago trip. New York is nailed down to us arriving the morning of November 14th. While the rest of the networking world is in sunny Tampa for Supercomputing, we'll be in a POP in New York. How did I get the short end of the stick?!?

Got the Nysernet badge agreements for access to the suite at 32AofA. Shooting them out to the ESNET folks on the list and everyone else that needs them.

Tom is making progress on the POTS lines orders. It sounds like we can process those without a PO, making life much easier. We still need DLRs for the cross-connects to our suites. I really don't have much faith that we can get this done in time for the install, so I'm abandoning that goal. We can't transition anyone in any city without OOB, so it's at the top of my worry list.

We have a LOT to get done on Monday to make sure we get the orders in on time. I owe Jay Duncan a massive list of intra-rack fiber and copper connections so he can figure out the lengths and the type of fiber to order. Shouldn't be a problem as long as we get it in on Monday. :-)