Thursday, November 09, 2006

mid Day 3 update

Spending a bit of time connected to the Internet via my cell phone's GPRS connection because.....

The North Carolina T640 shipped with JunOS 7.1. The two FPC3s we're using for the 10G connections came from a pool of new FPCs that I2 purchased from Juniper just recently. So, they're of the "Enhanced" variety, which is a newer revision of the linecard hardware. Those newer linecards aren't supported by the relatively older JunOS 7.1 code, so we can't bring up the FPC3s. We need the FPC3s to power the 10G ethernet card that will connect us over to the legacy Abilene backbone. But we need that backbone connection up to get the JUNOS code to support the FPC.

So, I'm downloading the code over my cell phone connection right now, but I suspect we'll end up in a coffee shop within the next hour at the rate it's going. In fact, this posting is taking up precious bandwidth, so I'll stop now.