Friday, November 17, 2006

New York Day 3

The house power at 32AofA was completed today, though it was fun bouncing around in the small space between us, the electricians and Rob Vietzke. At the end of the day, the T640 is powered up, the Ciena is racked and grounded, the Infinera is turned up with light between sites, and most of the PCs are up and running.

We had some challenges with the metro fiber when we noticed a pair of fiber in the two ports that Level3 gave us in the LOA in the FMMR. Had to get something from them in writing before we yanked it since they don't run fibers in the FMMR. Miraculously, the two sides saw light from each other. I have the OSC channel up and can manage a remote node through the local node via the embedded Infinera management software (a Java applet), but I can't ping between the two Infineras or ping through the Infineras to the two racklans that are bridged across the OSC payload. That's going to be a problem since the 1118th Ave site is getting it's racklan connectivity across that OSC to 32 AofA. Confused? How about a diagram?

Tom had all sorts of trouble with our power inverter. It wasn't well documented and the plastic rails that hold the modules in kept falling out. Clearance on the lugs was minimal. It's a positive DC system, so we had to wire it backwards. AC voltage fluctuates when you put it on the standby control card. I don't think we'll be using them anymore. We had to in New York since there's no house AC service at 32 Avenue of the Americas.

We've got a LOT to get done tomorrow. Have to configure the T640 early on so we can stick it in between the Abilene router and the MANLAN HDXc OC-192. Loads of fun.