Saturday, November 25, 2006

Roadmap for the next week....

One week left before the I2MM and lots to do. A preview of the hot-button items this week:

NOX 10GigE to New York

Level3 delivered it on Wednesday after everyone had left for the holiday. We're good to go in New York. I have it running to a loop from 32AofA to 111 8th Avenue. No light from L3 yet, but I need to call it in first. I'll do that on Monday.

I2MM HDTV Demo Testing
Rob Vietzke and a small crew will be in New York on Monday to get the logistics worked out for a video conference to take place during the I2MM plenary over the new network. Gotta make sure that moves smoothly

Ciena Installs
Ciena will be doing the CoreDirector CD install and turnup in Chicago and the Test and Turnup of the chassis we installed in New York last week. Not sure if we'll have the OC-192s up between them before the I2MM, but there's currently nothing slated for them...yet.

Chicago 710NLSD Install Trip Planning
Since we'll be in Chicago for the I2MM the week of December 4th, we'll want to finish up the metro ring install, assuming the 710NLSD site is ready. Need to work with Jake Sallee on that to make sure we're in good shape for a Monday or Tuesday install. Hell, if the power can be ready by Friday, we'll try and go up early to get it up before the I2MM.

Colocation Worksheets
We've gotta work like gangbusters to get the colo worksheets done for the rest of the sites on Ring 2. Caren's got Indianapolis in and we need to try and get as many as possible in by COB Friday.

New York and Chicago router monitoring
The only thing holding me back from migrating circuits in New York is the monitoring. Hope to get that all worked out by Tuesday or Wednesday. By I2MM time, we should have several networks passing traffic on the new node!

Hope everyone had a restful Turkey day. Back to work on Monday!