Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NEWY and CHIC production updates

I pushed the IPv4 and IPv6 unicast and multicast configuration out to all the legacy Abilene routers today for all the current and future upgrade routers. That brought IPv6 up to the new network.

Chris Small and Luke Fowler made great strides in getting the two cities up to snuff from a monitoring perspective. The NOC has them in all their tools. We monitor backbone IS-IS adjacencies and BGP neighbor status at a one-minute resolution. The routers are in the router proxy.

This enabled Matt Davy and I each to work on getting peers up on the New York router. Nysernet's BGP IPv4 BGP session is up (the first US connector, yay!), and the NOX underpinnings are complete. These are new connections that are running in concert with their old New York router connections, so we can ensure things look kosher before turning down old circuits.

The Ciena install teams are making good strides in both Chicago and New York. They should be done with their work by Friday.

Rob Vietzke will be back in New York tomorrow to do some testing of the iHDTV equipment for a plenary HD event. While he's in town, he'll be running some additional patches from the Level3 bulk panel to our Infinera at 111 8th Avenue to help support some other demos. Hopefully those fibers arrive in time.

Our POTS lines in both Chicago and New York are delivered and are ready to be plugged in.