Monday, December 18, 2006

Making waves in December

We placed orders for the next four waves we need to light up. Two are for the HOPI backbone (Chicago to DC to New York). One is for MAGPI via Philadelphia (which we're working on accepting the suite) and another is for Nysernet via Cleveland. Level3 provisioned them almost immediately and is working on a few fiber patches in DC. In all cases, we have some final patches to run on the ends, like with any circuit turnup, but the Infinera backbone portion is more or less complete.

Caren worked up a checklist of items for the Philadelhia remote suite acceptance. Looks good and very thorough. Hope to have that checked off shortly. The MAGPI circuit is still a work in progress. Looks like there's a final patch between MAGPI's dark fiber provider and Level3 that didn't get on the radar screen until Friday. Hopefully we can make that happen in the near term.

The colocation at 710NLSD sounds like it's getting close. I believe the power was supposed to be installed today, though I don't have confirmation yet. If that happens, John Graham and I may head up to Chicago on Wednesday and Thursday to turn that up.

It's a good time of year to do some documentation catch up. I've spent most of the day working on translating some of our install notes into more formal documentation.