Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ciena slotting and On-Center

After a bit more discussion with Ciena, we've decided not to pre-slot the CoreDirector CI cards before we leave the install. The Ciena Test & Turnup technicians normally handle that and it's best to leave it to them. They'll be checking for bent pins and those sorts of hardware defects, so they'd want to remove the cards anyway. We'll just leave dangling fibers (*gasp*) and they'll route them for us.

Word came down from our system engineering team that the Ciena EMS was successfully installed on our management box. The software isn't the most intuitive piece of equipment to install and Ciena was kind enough to arrange for a technician to come out and help out twiddle the appropriate bits on the system to make it all gel. Both New York and Chicago and already visible.

BTW, Ciena has officially certified both Chicago and New York, as of yesterday. We have a bit of test data to look over, but that will be more of a formality.