Wednesday, April 04, 2007

U of Louisville temporary connection to the Indiana Gigapop

The time has finally come for the loaner T640 router to return back to its home. As many of you know (don't you!) that router's been passed around the network a few times, where its been needed. It's been providing connectivity in Indianapolis for the past few months, while we sent the old Indianapolis router to Washington DC.

Early this morning, Caren and Jay moved the last connector, the University of Louisville, off the Indy router. While their permanent connection will be a 10GigE to Atlanta, they're still waiting on some fiber work to be completed in Louisville. Fortunately, they agreed to temporarily move behind the Indiana Gigapop so as not to hold of the return of the Juniper router. With Monday's migration of the Indiana Gigapop to Atlanta, we freed up a pair of fiber between the Gigapop and Qwest. Louisville was regroomed to that pair. It's everyone's hope that this only lasts a short time. While, we're happy to host them, we know they're anxious to get moved over to their dedicated connection.

We should pause and give our extreme thanks to Juniper for their generous assistance over the past five months. We wouldn't have been able to move the networks in place without their support.