Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Catching up...

We apologize for the short intermission in our blogging....we hope to get regular posts going again. Here's a brief summary of what happened over the break....

March 1st: Level3 delivered the Infinera spans from New York to Boston to Cleveland on schedule.

March 2nd: Level3 delivered the Infinera spans from Washington to Atlanta to Chicago on schedule.

March 8th: All connections transitioned off of the T640 at Qwest. The Abilene node at Qwest was removed and the T640 sent to the Level3 POP in Atlanta

March 15th: The T640 shipped from Chicago was installed as the new Atlanta router and the Infinera backbone circuits from the new Atlanta T640 to Chicago and Washington D.C. were brought up.

March 16th: Level3 delivers our SONET timing source in Chicago which allowed us to turn up a complete Ciena SONET system from Chicago through Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia and New York and then a ring from New York back to Cleveland via Boston. We should have a 100% fully functioning Ciena network on these paths by the end of this week !

Coming up....

We'll be do installs in Indianapolis, Louisville and Nashville this week and next. We plan to remove the T640 node from Indianapolis on March 30th and plan to remove the T640 from Qwest in Washington the week of April 2nd - it will be heading to a new life in Kansas City.